Gutter Cleaning Herne Bay

Safe Gutter Cleaning From Ground Level


Do You Know Whats Lurking In Your Gutters

HW Ultimate Clean offer a deep gutter and downpipe vacuum clean that can help you avoid a range or problems when it comes to blocked gutters. We have exceptional results on even the toughest challenges removing all sorts of gutter debris including moss, fallen leaves, twigs and bird mess through to deep rooted turf in down pipes. Our service includes a thorough clean of not just your gutters but downpipes and hoppers too as well as the fascia that is connected to the gutters. We can carry out a full CCTV inspection before, during and after a service at no extra cost! Our professional equipment can gain easy access over obstacles such as conservatories and garages using our high reach vacuum system – all from the safety of the ground. We remove all gutter waste and dispose of in an environmentally friendly way


Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind?

Unfortunately many people think its out of sight, out of mind and that if they can not see any thing in the gutter, they are probably ok, but this is rarely the case and even with 12 month maintenance gutter clearing, we still remove enough debris and moss to start creating a blockage. This is especially true where there may be nesting birds nearby or even of the property is near lots of trees

Our Gutter Cleaning System

The gutter cleaning that we offer is carried out safely from the ground with a high powered vacuum system, so there are a number of reasons this is the best method to clear your gutters and protect your property. We are able to reach areas that traditional ladders can not reach such as over the top of conservatories, where scaffolding is sometimes needed to clear the gutters above. We are often able to access tight spaces that ladders can not reach such as tight alleyways.

Whats In Your Gutters?

Blocked gutters can cause damp & damage to your home and needs to be rectified as soon as possible. Many people see blocked gutters as out of sight, out of mind, but if the gutters haven’t been vacuumed in the last 12-18 months, the chances are that they are holding moss, debris, growths, leaves, twigs, and even children’s toys and tennis balls! All of these can easily cause blockages and extra weight to the gutters that they weren’t designed to hold!

How Much Does Gutter Cleaning Cost

Detached 🏠 £90
Semi detached 🏠 £70
Terrace 🏠 £50
Bungalows from £40

Prices include CCTV Inspection 🎥

Our Gutter Cleaning Work