Driveway Cleaning Herne Bay

Softwash & High Pressure Cleaning


Moss & Lichen Removal

HW Ultimate Clean specialise in driveway & patio cleaning, & restoring service. Driveways & Patios can easily become infested with moss, weeds & lichen

The joins between the pavers can easily become a growth area for weeds, and in addition to this, algae, moss & lichen can grow on top of the pavers causing them to look dull, but can also make the ares slippery to walk on


Pressure Washing Driveways

Our service includes the use of a flat surface cleaner, which is a rotary washer head used at ground level and used in conjunction with our pressure washing unit. In addition to our flat surface cleaner, we always ‘cut in’ all edges using a lance to give more effective control over the area. There may be occasions when the driveway requires use of a more chemical clean, which we are also able to carry out in a safe & controlled manner.

Our Driveway Cleaning Work