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Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

yes I love my job! Doing external cleaning always leaves a smile on my customers face. There is nothing better than seeing someone’s face when an old patio/driveway is brought back to life.
Yes HW Ultimate Clean are a fully licensed and insured company.

Biocide treatment lasts on average 3-5 years

Yes HW Ultimate Clean use a sky Vac and cam system which enables us to see what is lurking in your gutters and down pipes to make sure every last but of grime is out the way.

Yes HW Ultimate Clean use a light pressure washing system to remove the moss and grime without leaving the roof damaged. We will only jet wash a roof once we have assessed the tile condition.

Don’t worry about the left-over mess. HW Ultimate Clean include the cost of waste removal and will always take the debris.

This all depends on the condition of the roof and how old it is. Sometimes there will already be broken tiles underneath the moss that you wont even notice. If there are any broken or damaged tiles they will always be replaced.

HW Ultimate Cleaning offer a soft wash roof clean or a light pressure wash clean, it all depends on the type of the roof and the condition it is in. A soft wash roof clean is the safest way to clean a roof this is done by gently scraping the moss off and applying a biocide treatment.

Yes we offer re pointing but only if your patio or driveway needs it.

Yes HW Ultimate Clean recommend re sanding the joints to replace the sand lost during the clean

No, HW Ultimate Clean are a professional and experienced company knowing how much pressure to apply to your surface.

This all depend on how well it has been laid and the conditions surrounding your driveway / patio. HW Ultimate Clean would usually recommend an annual clean but we strongly recommend having it sealed as this prevents grime and dirt recurring

Sealant can last from 2-5 years depending on the type of surface

HW Ultimate Clean recommend Sealing a patio or driveway as it is important to protect it from discolouration, staining and to prevent re growth of algae and lichen.
HW Ultimate Clean use a wide verity of products that clean many different surfaces. The products we do use we find to be the best around
This all depends on the size and the currant condition of the surface. HW Ultimate Clean gold package starts from £3 per square metre but it is best to get a non-obligation free quotation
HW Ultimate Clean are always adding the latest and newest equipment to our growing company. HW Ultimate Clean use a power washer and a 26-inch surface cleaner depending on the surface.
If you take pride in your home and like to maintain it, one area that often gets forgotten is your driveway or patio. Pressure washing can restore the original colours of the block paving or concrete giving a new lease of life.
Pressure washing from dirt and grease prevents it from becoming slippery and safer to walk on. It also destroys mould and mildew that can cause serious health problems.
Finally, it increases the lifespan by removing the dirt and grease that will in time wear down the concrete.
Our driveway & cleaning packages:
Gold Chemical treatment applied to remove tough stains and Jet wash clean
Diamond Chemical treatment applied to remove tough stains, jet wash clean & biocide treatment to prevent regrowth of algae, lichen or moss
Diamond PLUS Chemical treatment applied to remove tough stains, jet wash & rotary clean, biocide treatment to prevent regrowth of algae, lichen or moss and re sand and weather sealant applied